Do you have a problem with a letter an e-mail or a telephone conversation in English? If so you have come to the right place because here we outline all the common expressions and vocabulary necessary to make a great impression every time - even the first. Business Toolkit is an online resource for perfecting key business tasks in English. PBT le aporta la información necesaria para participar en reuniones y conferencias en inglés alcanzando una mejor comprensión y un mayor nivel de detalle. Proporciona acceso rápido a todos sus recursos desde cualquier lugar del mundo, a través de Internet o de la red informática de su empresa. Veinticuatro horas al día

Immediate benefit

From day 1, Business Toolkit helps you communicate more professionally and build your credibility with your current clients and your new prospects.

Cost effective

When compared with the cost of hundreds or even thousands of hours of English lessons, Business Toolkit offers a very low-cost and highly-focused alternative.


Business Toolkit's architecture means that it is adaptable to your company's specific business communication needs.

Easy to use

If you can use a PC/Mac or a smartphone or a tablet, you will get results with Business Toolkit very quickly and easily. It has been designed to be intuitive and reflect the business user's daily communication needs in English.

About Provident

Provident provides sector-specific business training in English to Spanish companies and individuals looking to raise their credibility level with international clients and business partners.

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Provident proporciona formación en Inglés de Negocios -orientada a sector- a empresas españolas y particulares que buscan elevar su credibilidad con clientes y socios internacionales.

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