A user-friendly IT tool to help Spanish professionals communicate better and gain more credibility with their English-speaking clients, co-workers and new prospects at any time and in any place.


Business Toolkit is a database of business English, organized by task, for Spanish professionals. Its content reflects over 15 years of training and business experience gained in Madrid by our expert teachers, who are native British English speakers educated to university level and fluent in Spanish.


Business Toolkit uses the latest technology to deliver the key Business English information you need to do your job, quickly and efficiently via your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac.

About Provident

Provident provides sector-specific business training in English to Spanish companies and individuals looking to raise their credibility level with international clients and business partners.

Sobre Provident

Provident proporciona formación en Inglés de Negocios -orientada a sector- a empresas españolas y particulares que buscan elevar su credibilidad con clientes y socios internacionales.

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